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Gold stickers for nailart

Today I have a blogpost that took me days to make. I tried out so many combination of nail art and I picked my top three for this review. I had some trail and error with these but in the end I had so much with this and it looked amazing. I made the love inspired nailart that you can see above, and after the cut I have a holiday themed manicure and some mermaid nail art. So keep on reading!


So I have a new camera, I think many know that I have a large Canon 1000D and it serves me well to take product pictures.  I am still debating if I want to review my new camera, the samsung NX mini. But today this blogpost will feature my snapshots that I took this week. It was so fun having my camera with me and taking pictures, I do have to admit that I still need to get the hang of it...kind of awkward to pull out my camera, but I am learning. So read more for all my pictures of the week!

revlon beauty lipstick lipgloss sunbaked kylie jenner

Can I say Kylie Jenner lip color?

As I said in my last lipgloss review, I am not a lipgloss kind of girl yet it seems like I am still buying loads. I tend to wear gloss when I have my hair up because nothing is more horrible then hair sticking to your lips. Still I needed this in my life because I found a discount and it reminds me of the Kylie Jenner lipcolor that everybody is raving about. 

lantern fruit wtf what the fruit physalis bladdercherry vitamin berry

Lantern fruit

Are also called Physalis or the sexy name...bladder cherry.  It is a fruit that you can eat but they are also used as ornamental plants. These berries have calcium, iron, vitamin A en C. This berry grows all year round in Columbia, but I bought this in Germany because I felt this looked funky enough for a blogpost.
list week camera selfie girl cat false lashes

This week I bought a new camera, I experimented with my hair and I got nice ideas for a new blog style.
  • Getting 40 likes on instagram on a selfie, I never expected that. [on this picture.]
  • Finding Maybelline Super Stay 7 nail polish on sale, I got mint for life & Midnight red
  • Finding out that the Samsung NX mini was 100 euro cheaper then normal
  • Finding out that if I leave purple shampoo in my hair for 45 minutes my hair turns an amazing shade of gray/silver/white blonde. Also it is cheaper and better then dye.
  • This video of a great man being nice to an autistic child
  • Discovering a new Pokemon game for the 3DS, it is called rumble word and it is highly addictive
  • Getting my two statement necklaces just in time for a party.
  • I also got three new packages for false lashes, and I am in love! I never wore false lashes but it looks really lovely when taking pictures as you can see above. Also I never wear light lipstick, but the above picture is for a review.
Also not part of my list, but I want to mention that I need to improve my blog. The lay-out has been bothering me and I have been playing around with more black and white and less color. I want to make a more mature theme for my blog. Also I am dabbling with an own domain and I hope to get it online on my birthday. 6th of July! But it could also be after that because I have school and I need to finish a lot of things. 
 photo BAM.png

My galaxy lipgloss

At times you feel like you should step out of your comfort zone and just buy something you would never buy. I went for a lip gloss from Collistar their shock line. They have 8 shocking glosses and I decided to go for a decent shocking color, fuchsia. The tube reminded me of a galaxy and I needed to have this in my collection. I am not sure yet what kind of occasion would justify me wearing this, but I will be sure to find one.


Today I have an update article for you. A nice little article that tells you [with perhaps some moving images] what new items there are in store and I have a nice little free website for mothers-day. So keep on reading and check it out! 

mint nail art nailart hearts bornprettystore born pretty store teal cute lovely

Mint hearts

I got an other lovely plastic container full of mint hearts that are made for nail-art or decorating your stuff. Today i am going to show you how I used this and with what color nail polishes I paired these cute little hearts. It was my first time trying to glue something like this to my nails, so I had some trail and error trying to make these look amazing. I am really happy with the end result and these tiny heart decorations for nail art. So keep on reading.



Check these out

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