Some small things

Recently I ordered some things from eBay, some things that I 'need' and some things that I want. From left to right we have a reorder, the same tube I ordered ages ago and is almost finished. It is a 'must have' skincare product. This is the Daiso Japan black facemask. This mask is perfect for reducing imperfections and has a strong oil absorbing power thanks to the charcoal. Also it really reduces pores. I think it is perfect and only a few dollars for a tube that lasts a really long them. Then we have 10 rolls of nailart striping tape for only $0.99, I never tried this before but it somehow called my name. I think I can do a lot of nice things with this. Then we have a ring with my favorite stone, this is a Amethyst ring. Last but not least we have two headbands, one with silver flowers and one with fabric flowers. These are perfect when it is sunny outside and they look really cute. I can tell you these are going to be a hit this summer!

Hello Kate!

Whenever I look at this lipstick I get chills down my spine. It looks so horrible mucky when you see the lipstick. But I really adore this dark mauvy shade on the lips. It kind of reminds me of that Acqua di gioia add with the women who has lips similar to this color. I have to say, this is not a daily color but it is a nice twist in my pink/red collection. Want to read more, and see swatches...

For this season

For this season I have three things on my wishlist at the moment. The first is this legging here, with barok print. It is some sort of velvet print on a lovely legging and it is only $7.99. I can see this being worn with an oversized shirt or a pretty dress. It is great for these semi-warm days. Next we have Star earrings from asos. These are marked down from €14 to €7. These little stars are cute and will fit many outfits. And last but not least we have a light pink scarf with swallows. From new look!

What is your must have for this season?


Colorful eye shadow

I really adore Tumblr and recently i found a lot of colorful eye shadow looks. They are the most stunning looks with a lot of drama and color. I recently got a lot of pigments and I decided to do my own version of colored eye shadow, now I have to warn you...they are not as great as the above picture. I am still learning how to work with these pigements, but it really shows the colors of these pigments so read more!

A first look

Recently I received a tiny sample of Vichy Idealia. I can not make a big full review of this because I had only 15ml of product to work with and so I could not test it for a long time. Still this creme was so nice that I wanted to tell you guys about it....

Bunny ribbon hair holder

With the days getting hotter, I am getting ready for summer. I tend to skip spring and just go all out summer. For me it is only warm weather or freezing. I always tend to go for braids, buns and ponytails but at times they look boring and yes we have a haircuff but now I found something a tad more cute. An elastic with bunny ears, or as I call it...a ribbon! So do read more...

In a pink bottle! 

Let me tell you about a story about abuses, about abusing my nails. My lovely nails get painted with every color of the rainbow, they get glittered like there is no tomorrow, then I tend to try and pry things open with them and follow with a few matches of volleyball. I am pretty sure my nails hate me.  But lucky that hate is not showing thanks to a few coats of this 4 in 1 one care polish....



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