February 2015

I decided to try a new concept with articles, I made a what is inside my make-up bag article. This is my make-up bag that is almost always in my schoolbag. It is not completely filled with my best and favorite products but it has everything that I need for a long day, but it is a collection of things that I had in there for some time now, I did not clean this out before taking pictures. What you see is what I had in it. Want to know what I carry with me?

Max factor color x-pert waterproof eyeliner

Recently I bought myself a new eyeliner. To have a small real moment, I have to admit that I buy a lot of black eyeliners but most do not get on my blog because they are nothing special. But because I was really impressed by the Max Factor color x-pert waterproof eyeliner.

My new favorite breakfast

I used to eat a load of yogurt and fibers in the morning and mostly the same thing. But the real oat experience I always skipped, I get queasy when I smell milk also warm milk is horrible. Yet I wanted to take the plunge when I received a test package from Quaker. I received Quaker normal oats and the cinnamon version. I made a few combinations and I am ready to share with my 'I want to be a food photographer but it is harder then taking pictures of make-up' photographs. 

From Bornprettystore

Today I got two nailarts for you, the first is the above where I made an thunder inspired nailart, after the cut we have a leopard print. Both nailarts feature my new Stamping polish from BornPrettyStore. Today I am going to show you the black polish, but I also got a review for the bornprettystore brand white polish
Keep on reading for more nail-art and more information.

Birthstone ring

Pandora rings, I am slightly addicted but as a ring fan I do not mind this addiction. At the moment I have 5 Pandora rings, I bought my mom one ring and my grandma two rings. I already showcased my four Pandora rings on my blog and also the popular heart ring that I bought as a gift. I also have links to those articles
But today I have a pink opal birthstone ring in small to show. It is very similar to my moonstone ring but it is slightly different.




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