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The weather is getting a bit warmer and I tend to wear blouses with this weather. Normally I wear them with a statement necklace but lately that has been boring me so I googled for alternative ways to glam up my blouse. I came across these collar clips en pins from eBay. And I listed my favorites for you if you keep on reading...

New in, simple daily bracelet

My dad recently got me a new gold bracelet, as a little 'just because today was a lovely day' kind of gift. He bought for himself a thick gold bracelet and he bought me a thin one with stones. Normally I am not really a big fan of thin bracelets because they are hard to close, yet this bracelet actually is very easy to put on myself without having to beg for help. Also because it was a discount item, I am sharing links so you all can get yourself a lovely gold/silver or rose gold bracelet. 

Royals & Drag race

Watching tv-shows is something that I do daily. I am most of the times running something in the background while doing my make-up, eating or taking pictures. Recently one of the favorite shows had a new season and there was also a new show that I started to follow. So today I am going to tell you a bit about these two shows.

ebay earrings silver double dot

Similar to Dior Tribal

I was debating on getting real Dior Tribal earrings, but I wanted to know if I would be wearing this style of earrings so I decided to buy a pair for only $0.79 on eBay and see how much I loved wearing this. I also listed what I tought about these after wearing them for a few days and I also added cheap links to these earrings. 

Heart ring - in clear

I really wanted an open heart ring from Pandora and because there was a 50% discount that is still going on here I decided to order my mom a lovely ring. I picked a normal heart ring for her with a clear stone. This is a link to the e-store where I bought mine. This ring also comes in red and pink. But to be honest I know my mom loves the clear stone and will be wearing this more then a red or pink version. I do have to admit that the moment I got this, I debated to get myself one in pink. But that is for an other day. Let me tell you about my first experience with the Pandora e-store and 
Sylvie nails stickers star hearts heart stars leopard

Stars, leopard and hearts

Recently when shopping in a discount store I came across Sylvie nails. I got lucky and I found packs with three styles but normally they come in a pack with only one style. I bought 5 packs of these Sylvie nails and I have 72x5 stickers so I can use these a lot. I actually have used these a few times but I felt today was the day to review these.




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