Italian design

I have never heard about Stroili but the moment I went to Italia I spotted a few stores with this brand. I was intrigued with the silver designs but I decided to get a more playful design made out of plastic. I picked my favorite color 'purple' and something statement. To be honest I have not found the place to wear these yet, I am debating on wearing these on Christmas with a nice black dress. Read more for more pictures...

But many other people can

  • My pink water boiler, for my daily tea
  • A giant mug, because nobody has time to refill all the time
  • Big purple headphones, because people will still talk to you in public transportation when wearing small headphones
  • Purple eye shadow, I just love it for daily wear
  • A fleece blanket, for cold nights in front of the television
  • Cute sparkly phone case, and a lot
  • My large collection of lipsticks, because I need variation
  • My camera, I hold it daily to shoot blog pictures [or cat pictures]
  • Soup. when it gets cold...my basement will be stocked with soup
  • Shorts, everyday at home I wear shorts because they feel so comfy
What is your one thing that you can not live without? Leave it down bellow in the comments!

Rose Mystérieux

I already owned one Dr Pierre Ricaud lipstick a very natural color called Rose Elegant and this time I decided to go for a similar shade called Rose Mystérieux. This a so called volume lipstick that is said to plump your lips. Also let me say, I am a big fan of Pierre Ricaud lipsticks..


Unique and handmade bikinis

Recently Diana launched her own range of bikini's that she makes herself, I am a big fan of her bikinis and I do hope to order my own one day. The unique features of these bikinis include originality, reversibility, comfort and personally I think they are really flattering and an eye catcher. For more information and the amazing pictures that I got from Akira Swimwear, read more!


Favorite blog posts of October

Today I am introducing a new kind of blogpost to my blog. I have to admit that I read a load of blogs and sometimes I feel some blogposts need more attention. And so I listed a few of my favorite articles that I read this month....So grab a cup of tea. Happy reading!

Living with sharp nails

Recently I decided to change my nail-shape. I went from almond-shape to the pointy talon shape. Something I would like to call deathly claws. A lot of people go for glue on variations of these nails, but I decided to use my own nails seeing these are strong enough to survive. And thus I went to cut my nails while belting out chandelier from Sia. 

How did I survive with my new talons, well it was better then expected. I had a lot of positive comments on my nails, most wanted to feel how sharp they are. They are very sharp! A lot of people asked if they where real and at the same time grabbed my hand for closer inspection.

I learned a few things:

  • Never rub your eyes, I can result in poking your own eye.
  • Never pick stuff between your teeth with it, it looks nasty even if it works like a charm.
  • Never pick your nose, it might result in pain.
  • Stop making hand motions, people might stare at your hand.
  • But I do have to say they really come in handy when peeling oranges
Sharp nails? Do you love or hate them?

Fashion ready music-headgear

Frends headphones have been on my wishlist for a while because they are stunning, they are classy yet stylish. But there is a rather large price tag on those headphones, so I made a slight jump for joy when I found them cheaper on ASOS. There are 3 types currently in the sale, the Layla, Taylor and Ella. So read more links and more pictures of these jewelry inspired headphones.

From eBay

I love a good big statement necklace, but recently I decided to order 4 new dainty necklaces. All from eBay for super cheap. I picked four gold necklaces but one also comes in silver if you do not prefer gold. I think these are great for layering and look good with many outfits. 

Top left:  $0.88 free shipping
Top right:  $0.88 free shipping, From a till z
Bottom left: $0.88 free shipping, Also comes in silver. Alternative seller & Alternative seller
Bottom right:  $1.21 free shipping




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