Red Sunrise

I got this glossy finish lipstick/crayon for my birthday a few days ago. Iciparisxl was so nice to send me a 5 euro giftcard for my birthday and I decided to spend it on lip products like I do every year. If I am correct I have bought a bourjois product every year. With my eye on the vacation I decided to buy something that I would take with me. I am personally proud of the swatches, I feel that I improved with applying. So read more for more information and swatches.


My favorites

As you are reading this, I am already on vacation to the amazing Italy. And one thing glued to my face is a pair of sunglasses, I love them in different shapes to match every outfit. I variate between my prescription sunglasses and my eBay sunglasses. Today I have links and information about 6 styles of sunglasses in many colors. So read more!

Lipstick addiction!

I have to say that lipstick is my favorite beauty product, I love owning a large variety of lipsticks so I can wear a different one every day.  Because I have not been doing tags lately I decided to do the lipstick tag. So read more for the questions and my answers. 


My top 5

I have to admit that every year I toss pencils in my bag and after a week I have none to be found and I just bug my classmates for a pencil. But because I am going to be a good student I am going to buy a pencil case, fill it up with pretty pencils and markers and I am going to try to keep it all year long. But I need a cute pencil case that I will take with me with pleasure. But I am still not sure if I want a small one or a big one. And there are so many options. But yeah, I found my top 5 so read more to see the links.

Number 7

Recently I showed the number 5 lipstick from the same seller and today I have swatches for number 7. While 5 was a more light color this is a BRIGHT color. 

Stay with me! Make-up fixing spray

While walking in the German drugstore DM I spotted a fixing spray and I have to admit that I am a fixing spray virgin and I never used a product like this. But because I am going on vacation with warm weather and a blazing sun I wanted to own a fixing spray so my make-up will not melt off. When I spotted a complete plastic version I decided to pick that one because I can use it without having to worry about it breaking. But is it good? Read more to find out. 



I decided to make a few back to school articles, as a new series.  I always start early to buy everything I need for the new school year and you know I like to be prepared. So this series is going to have shopped items, tips and tricks, wishlists and more. And today I am going to show you backpacks that are fashion forward or just plain fun. I variate between backpacks and purses when I go to school, normally I take a purse because I do not have to take a lot with me. But a few times a year I have to take loads with me and that is when I need a backpack. So I searched online and I found a big amount of cute backpacks some a tad more flashy then others. So read more for information, images and links.


In lounge feeling

I personally feel that dark red lips are for fall and winter, yet when I saw the catch the glow luscious lipstick I decided to need this in my life. So for swatches and information, read more!


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