pandora tiara silver ring stacking

propaedeutic diploma gift

As some of you know, I am obsessed with the brand Pandora. I adore the bracelets plus charms and I think the rings are stunning. And to be honest, most pieces of jewellery make my heart beat faster.  Months ago I received my propaedeutic diploma and  my grannie told me to pick something lovely to remember that event by. I knew I was going to check out Pandora but I had no idea if I wanted a ring or a charm for my bracelet. I love Pandora their charms but the only charms that told the event where books, and to be honest I did not like the owl on the stack of books… 

New year, new blog

A new year is starting and I want a change with my blog. I do not want to completely do a 360 but I want to improve my little blog. My goal is not to have a large popular blog but I want a better blog. I have a few points that I want to improve on, but I also want to read what you want improved. Read more for my one improvements.

Modern twist on a classic

Recently I spotted the most cute combination with Dior tribal earrings, and to be honest I never really liked those Dior earrings but the moment that I saw that combination the wheels started to turn. The image I am talking about it the one in the middle. Consciencecoupable styled these earrings with an other pair of pearls and I really liked that look. Also the weekendfashionblog posted an amazing picture of her wearing the earrings paired with a cute braided hairstyle. And last but not least Rihanna rocked these earrings with a cute hairstyle. The Dior tribal earrings currently retail for €280 what is a tad out of my reach. I decided that I want a cute stacked look with these inspired dior tribal earringsthese tiny pearl studs and these pearl earcuffs. The inspired earrings are $0.99, the studs where $0.84 and two cuffs where $0.84. The whole set was $2.71 what is round 2 euro. 

I was always set on the idea that pearls where for old ladies, and even with my 25 years. I felt a tad young for it. But now I am sold on these pearls.
What do you guys think about these earrings, to much or just enough?
Lots of love,

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Me? No style girl

I am a firm believer that people have their outdoor style and indoor style. The home-me and the outdoor-me. My outdoor style seen om my instagram and people who know me...know how I look. Put together with make-up, jewelry, loose hair and decent outfits. A lot of people do believe I wear make-up when I am staying at home, I prommise...I do not.
But the moment I come home, I change to no style Denna. 

I have a set of large shirts and big tanktops that I tend to wear at home. Because who wants to wear tight and fancy cloths while being just at home? And while I am a firm believer that leggings are not pants, I do rock them on a daily bases while I am at home.

I have a load of galaxy and sport leggings that never felt outside air because they are just to wear inside. Also to what occasion would I wear bight galaxy leggings? But still the mailman or people who come at my door do wonder what strange video clip I came out of. I do feel my inner Jen and the Holograms or perhaps some marvel superhero. 

Also hair and make-up wise I take a complete 360, when I go home and work on my blog I tend to do half face make-up so I can take pictures. It is no exception that I wear two complete different looks on my eyes and just open the door for the mailman who does not even blink. Also my hair needs to be up when I am at home, outdoors I never wear a big bun because it does not suit me. But at home I rock the bun, it is easy to wear and keeps your hair out of your face. Also when making nail swatches I tend to only paint one hand and then forget all about it till I have to leave for school the next day. 

Am I the only one who looks like a complete different person at home then outside? 

Flash tattoo! 

Recently I have been loving the look of flash tattoos, last summer they trended but I see the possibilities for the holidays. Holidays means a time for fun and food, and I always decorate myself as Christmas tree. But bangles and bracelets tend to bang on the table when I am eating, so I searched for alternatives. And then I searched eBay and I found some pretty amazing gold and silver temporary tattoos, I would love to stack these up on my arms and wear a pretty black dress. Also the necklace designs are pretty damn sweet.
So I found a lot of links ranging from $0.89-$2.39
11 designs - Feature some of my favorites
12 designs - Features hints of blue
13 designs - Features blue and black

I already ordered a few of these, some bracelets and some arrows. I am a big fan

Lets fill this up!

Today I am filling in the December tag, and I would love it if you also filled this one. It is a rather short tag but I love the questions they are really good. 

1. What do you love most about December?
To be honest, I am somewhat of a Grinch. But what I really adore about December is Christmas, I love buying things for my loved ones and seeing them happy when they open it. Also dressing up during the season to be jolly is one of my favorite things. 

2. What is your favorite perfume to wear with the holidays?
Lanvin Eclat d'arpege  I tend to go for this perfume on special occasions. Next to the amazing bottle, I get a load of compliments when wearing this. If I could I would buy a big bottle and wear it daily, sadly enough this poor student can not afford that.

3. Which 3 products can’t you live without this December?
My computer, I order a load of Christmas gifts online because I want to give my family great gifts. 
My large mug, The moment I get cold...I go into tea hoarding mode. I love big cups of tea to warm me up after surviving a long cold day.

4. What is your go-to look this month? 
I am a traditional winged eyeliner girl for daily looks, also red lips is a staple. For this month I tend to make everything more festive with a touch of glitter and some highlighter. 

5. What is your most favorite glittery product? 
Glittery nail polish, I do not care about the color, if it glitters...it has to be on my nails.

6. Show us your favorite ornament from your Christmas Tree.
I actually have not favorite ornament, my tree features only balls ranging from red to pink and white. I always create an ombre effect with it.

7. Which candy are you going to eat too much of this month?
Not really a candy fan here [I am sorry, I do sound like the Grinch in this tag] But I am looking forward to ice cream as desert. It is a tradition, because I am a big fan of ice cream. 

8. What is your favorite December/Holiday related movie or TV show to watch?
I love it when to add Holiday related episodes to my favorite tv-shows like supernatural or pretty little liars. I am really looking forward to having that appear on my watchlist. 

9. What do you really hope Santa has wrapped in a present for you this year?
Pandora please, I really adore the rings and of coarse the charms. But every present will be a good one, I do believe it is not about the presents, but I do love the fact that my loved ones took their time to get me something pretty to end an amazing year and something that I can keep for years and years.

10. The Holidays are all about sharing the love, Who do you want to give a shout-out and why?
Dutchfitwomen - You are fucking amazing and strong and beautiful. This year you put up a fight and showcases how amazing you are. And I do hope that next year will still be even better.
Diana - I am amazed by how you are chasing your dream. I think 2014 has been a great start and I wish that your shop will grow even more during 2015. And that you have many orders.
Marit - Fitgirl that it is an inspiration to many. Also I have so much respect for her, how she went after her goal. She started her blog this year, and I always linger for more updates because it is a great read.
And all the girls from the forum that I am a part of, you know who you are! 

11. I am tagging

And you! Leave me a link if you use this tag, I would love to read it!
♥ Denna

The neoprene skirt

Recently I fell in love with the neoprene skater skirt, it is such a flattering shape and to be honest I think it suits many styles. You can dress it up with a fancy blouse or rock it out with a leather jacket. I also love the fact that these keep their shape. I am debating on getting it in dark red or blue for the holidays. I also found a link to a skirt on eBay that is very similar for only $8.57 or €6.80, so read more for the link.

Sleek eyeshadow vintage romance

In love with it

Recently I got myself a new i-Divine palette called Vintage romance. I always adored purple eye shadows and I decided that I needed vintage romance in my life. I fell in love with sleek eye shadows since I got Sunset. So read more for swatches and more information.




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